Welcome to the old razor shop.
The old razor shop is dedicated to the pleasures of shaving. There was a time when shaving was a rite of passage for boys on their way to manhood and shaving was an art passed from father to son.
It is our goal to bring back those days and make shaving a pleasure again with fine, hand-made razors, stands, brushes, replacement blades, mugs, soaps and other skin care products for men.
Our razors are all handmade from the finest exotic woods from around the world as well as some acrylics, TruStone and even deer antler. Brush handles are also handmade and are available with high quality Badger hair knots from standard quality to ultra premium "Silver Tip".
Razor Stands range from simple chrome to exotic woods to match the razor and brush.
The safety razor sets come with the soap dish, mug soap, and a package of double edged blades to get you started. 

Shave the way your Grandpa did! Save money AND get a great shave!
Nothing beats a great shave with a straight razor or safety razor. It's all in prepping your beard and using a proper blade. If you've ever had an old-time barber shop shave, you'll understand. Did the barber use a plastic razor with 2, or 3, or 4, or even 5 blades? Nope. He used one. 
This is what you want to get the best shave with the least irritation to your skin.
Our shaving sets offer premium safety razor heads in 304SS with the ability to change blades. The handles, stands, and brushes are made from matching exotic woods from around the world as well as other materials.
All safety razors come with spare blades and traditional mug soap so you can use your razor right away.
If you've never used a safety razor before, there is a technique to it. I recommend you check out our blog on shaving with a safety razor. 

Shaving, Signature Series Safety Razor Sets
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Olivewood (Olea europaea) is native the coastal areas of the eastern Mediterranean basin as well as northern Iran and Iraq, and south of the Caspian Sea. Known primarily for its fruit and oil products, Olive wood is also used by woodturners to create beautiful bowls, pens, and other decorative items.
The wood is a medium tan with light to dark grain. The wood finishes well with a nice shine but still maintains the natural look.
Bethlehem olive wood, comes with a certificate of authenticity stating that it is from the city of Bethlehem and that the wood is from trees which has been bearing fruit since the time of the Romans. This wood comes from the pruning of young trees, the sprouts from the trunks of old trees, and now unproductive trees. 
Bethlehem Olive Wood Finish
Trim: Chrome
$180.00 X

Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) is another member of the eucalyptus family and is common across Australia. The tree produces welcome shade in the extreme temperatures of central Australia and plays an important role in stabilizing riverbanks.
 Red gum is named for its brilliant red color that can range from light pink to almost black depending on the age and weathering. It is popular with wood turners particularly if it is old and well seasoned.
Burled Red Gum Finish
Trim: Chrome
$180.00 X

Australian yellow box (Eucalyptus melliodora)  is another member of the eucalyptus family and is widely distributed on the eastern plains and tablelands from western Victoria to New South Wales to south-central Queensland. It is considered to be the best native tree for honey production. 
The timber is a pale brown with golden, honey-colored swirls and makes beautiful pens and other turned products.
Burled Yellow Box Finish
Trim: Chrome
$180.00 X

Actually an acrylic, this is made to have the look of real ivory.
Faux Ivory Finish
Trim: Chrome
$180.00 X

Honduran rosewood (Dalbergia stevensonii) is found primarily in Belize in central America where it grows to 50-100 feet and as much as 3 feet in diameter.
The heartwood can range from deep brownish purple to a light brown. Most common is a brownish mauve color. The sapwood is pale yellow.Common uses are fine furniture, musical instruments, veneer, turned and other specialty wood objects like pens.
Honduran Rosewood Finish
Trim: Chrome
$180.00 X
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