Welcome to the old razor shop.
The old razor shop is dedicated to the pleasures of shaving. There was a time when shaving was a rite of passage for boys on their way to manhood and shaving was an art passed from father to son.
It is our goal to bring back those days and make shaving a pleasure again with fine, hand-made razors, stands, brushes, replacement blades, mugs, soaps and other skin care products for men.
Our razors are all handmade from the finest exotic woods from around the world as well as some acrylics, TruStone and even deer antler. Brush handles are also handmade and are available with high quality Badger hair knots from standard quality to ultra premium "Silver Tip".
Razor Stands range from simple chrome to exotic woods to match the razor and brush.
The safety razor sets come with the soap dish, mug soap, and a package of double edged blades to get you started. 


No extras. Just the razor. This is a special through January 15th, 2014 ONLY.
The best shave you'll give yourself! Leave your face smooth as a baby's bottom! Try this razor and you'll never go back to a multi-bladed or electric razor.
Please read my blog,  http://www.cadillacpens.com/blog/?p=76  on shaving with a straight razor and beard prep.
Shaving will be a pleasure instead of a chore!
Shaving, Signature Series Safety Razors Only

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Chechen, aka Black Poisonwood, is not actually a part of the rosewood family, Dalbergia genus, but the Metopium brownie family. The name Poisonwood comes from the toxicity of the sap that can cause skin irritations, but the wood is safe to handle. It is commonly found in Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, northern Guatemala, Belize, and southeastern Mexico.
The heartwood color is highly varied, with red, orange, and brown contrasted with darker stripes of blackish brown. Well defined sapwood is a pale yellow. With burled chechen, the patterns and swirls are mixed for an absolutely beautiful finish.
Burled Chechen Finish
Trim: Chrome w/Gold
Extras: N/A
$75.00 X

Not often available, Tigre Caspi is most commonly seen as turned objects and other small specialty wood items.
The heartwood of Tigre Caspi is yellow to golden brown with irregular brown/black streaks. Grayish yellow sapwood is slightly paler than the heartwood and is sometimes indistinguishable from the heartwood.
Tigre Caspi is found in Central and South America.
Tigre Caspi Finish
Trim: Chrome w/Gold
Extras: N/A
$75.00 X

Thuya (Tetraclinis) is in the cypress family containing only one species. It is native to the northwestern Africa and also grows in Malta and southeast Spain. It is the official wood of Morocco and is used for religious carvings and carvings for the tourist industry.
Thuya is an absolutely beautiful medium to dark brown with incredible swirl patterns. It makes an elegant pen and is available in limited quantities.
Burled Thuya Finish
Trim: Gold w/Chrome
Extras: N/A
$75.00 X

Most likely the origin of satinwood comes from the woven fabric satin, which has a smooth, lustrous face. Regardless of the source of the term, in woodworking, there are a few characteristics that are common in most types of satinwood: yellow-gold color, fine texture, high natural luster, interlocked grain producing mottle figure.
There have been only two species of satinwood that have been accepted as satinwood in the truest sense. Both are in the Rutaceae family which includes the citrus genus, lemon orange, lime, etc. trees.
It is exactly as described and the pens do have a beautiful satiny finish and the 3D effects are amazing in this wood! You got to see it to believe it!
Another one of my favorites!
Curly Satinwood Finish
Trim: Chrome
Extras: N/A
$75.00 X

Blackline Velvet Koa Finish
Trim: Chrome w/Gold
Extras: N/A
$75.00 X
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