All fountain pens come with an ink pump and one ink cartridge. The ink pump can be filled with the color and type of ink quickly and easily by simply hand turning the screw. No muss, no fuss. 
All fountain pens come in a presentation gift case suitable for gift giving.

The Jefferson series is our top shelf line of pens. They are available as fountain pens and rollerball pens. The Jefferson series is rather large and weighty but has a wonderful feel when putting ink to paper. 
The cap on the fountain and rollerball does not post to the body of the pen and you should keep that in mind when ordering.
This is a truly elegant pen with special highlights on the trim colors and should have a beautiful, exotic wood, such as Curly Koa, to really make this pen standout. Also, check out Oosik as a finish for the man who has everything!
Jefferson Fountain Pens
Beautiful Fountain Pens

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Australian yellow box (Eucalyptus melliodora)  is another member of the eucalyptus family and is widely distributed on the eastern plains and tablelands from western Victoria to New South Wales to south-central Queensland. It is considered to be the best native tree for honey production. 
The timber is a pale brown with golden, honey-colored swirls and makes beautiful pens and other turned products.
Burled Yellow Box Finish
Trim: Rhodium & Black Titanium
Extras: N/A
$177.00 X

Tasmanian Myrtle (Nothofagus cunninghamil) also known as Myrtle beech, is actually closer to the beech family and not the myrtle family known here in the United States.
The heartwood is pink or light reddish brown. Tasmanian myrtle can also have dark black streaks in the wood, sometimes called "tiger myrtle". The texture is very fine and has a high natural luster.
Burled Tasmanian Myrtle Finish
Trim: Rhodium & 22K Gold
Extras: N/A
$183.00 X

Koa (Acacia Koa), is the best known endemic tree in Hawaii. The species exists naturally nowhere else in the world. It is recognized world wide for it's remarkable variety of grain figure which ranges from plain to curly to fiddleback. The colors can go from reds to chocolate browns, with the sapwood, sometimes, even a bleached white. It is the figuring that sets koa into a class by itself.
Chatoyancy is a property that is usually attributed to certain gems, the cats eye effect, or shimmer which gives the sense of depth in the gem. This effect can also be used to describe some of the more dramatic pieces of curly, tiger stripe, and fiddleback koa. This figuring gives the wood a three dimensional quality, and, depending on what angle you view the wood, it can take on several completely different characters.
Koa is currently on the endangered species register due to concerns about the habitat it provides for endangered native Hawaiian wildlife.
No live trees are harvested for our koa.
Koa is limited so check with us before placing your order. But the wait for us to get more is worth it!
Curly Koa Finish
Trim: Rhodium & 22K Gold
Extras: N/A
$210.00 X

The Kauri forests originated in the northern island of New Zealand and it has been scientifically proven that they existed prior to the ice age. According to one theory, they were knocked down by a giant tsunami and buried in the peat bogs where they were perfectly preserved from the elements that would have otherwise rotted them away. Today, through careful extraction methods, these logs are pulled out of the peat bogs using heavy equipment, and the bog is then returned to its' natural state. This wood has been carbon dated to between 30,000 and 50,000 years old.
The loose grain can show some slight "roughing" in the finish but it is natural and does not detract from the beauty and simple elegance of the wood. 
Kauri has been featured on "The History Channel" episode, "Lumber Yards".
Ancient Kauri Finish
Trim: Rhodium & Black Titanium
Extras: N/A
$295.00 X

Snakewood (Brosimum guianesis) grows in the coastal regions of northeast South America. Snakewood is so called for its characteristic snakeskin patterns. It is typically reddish-brown with contrasting darker brown or black patches. Colors tend to darken and homogenize with age.
Common uses are inlay, veneer, violin bows, and other small turned products.
This is an interesting wood that is exactly as described. It is my son's favorite wood!
Snakewood Finish
Trim: Rhodium & 22K Gold
Extras: N/A
$595.00 X

Oosik is a finish designed specifically for the man who truly believes he has everything!
Oosik is a legally obtained type of ivory from the walrus. 
If you embarrass easily, stop reading NOW. It is the penile bone of the walrus and is highly prized by Eskimos. Large pieces are often used as clubs, while smaller pieces that have broken off are commonly used as ornate handles for walking sticks. This is really an unusual finish and will be highly coveted by your recipient! 
Please feel free to do a Google search for more interesting facts about Oosik!
Oosik Finish
Trim: Rhodium & 22K Gold
Extras: 18K Gold Nib (Fine)
$1059.00 X
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