Rollerball pens have the feeling of writing with a fountain pen but not the hassle of having to change cartridges or fill ink pumps. Refills are usually  Schmidt or Hauser and are readily available from most major office supply houses.
All rollerball pens come in a presentation case suitable for gift giving.

Truman Rollerball Pens

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There are over 700 species of eucalyptus, most of which grow only in Australia. Only 15 species are found outside Australia and 9 do not occur IN Australia.
Eucalyptus burl is a dark brown wood with even darker swirls and finishes nicely. It makes for a beautiful pen.
Burled Eucalyptus Finish
Trim: Chrome
Extras: N/A
$55.00 X

Buckeye (Aesculus spp.) grows in the eastern United states and is also the state tree of Ohio. The heartwood is creamy white or yellowish and can have grayish streaks. Buckeye burl has reddish brown knots with light to dark grey swirls of discoloring.
We offer natural buckeye burl but lean toward the dyed wood (red, green blue, orange, and others) that offer some of the most unusual combinations we've seen!  We also offer spalted buckeye which finishes a yellowish gray. It is simply one of the best looking pens we've made!
Burled Buckeye Finish
Trim: Chrome
Extras: N/A
$58.00 X

TruStone is a trademarked product of TruStone Products, and is a cultured marble created by a photofuzion process that combine heat and pressure to transfer images onto the surface of the marble.
TruStone makes an incredibly beautiful pen with a look and feel of stone. It is heavy, but not like you would associate with a true piece of marble.

TruStone Bloody Jasper Finish
Trim: Chrome
Extras: N/A
$65.00 X

Burled White Desert Ironwood Finish
Trim: Gun Metal
Extras: N/A
$80.00 X

Sindora (Sindora javanica) is found in southeast Asia and is also known by other names: Gu, Kayu, Sepitir, Supa and others.
The heartwood varies in color from golden brown or various shades of brown, but darkens upon exposure. Occasionally dark brown or black streaks give the wood an attractive appearance, The sapwood is light grayish brown and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood.
Common uses are furniture and cabinet making, wainscotting, veneer, and turned products such as pens.
Spalting offers beautiful figuring and coloration.

Spalted Sindora Finish
Trim: Gun Metal & Cobalt Gold
Extras: N/A
$80.00 X

Olivewood (Olea europaea) is native the coastal areas of the eastern Mediterranean basin as well as northern Iran and Iraq, and south of the Caspian Sea. Known primarily for its fruit and oil products, Olive wood is also used by woodturners to create beautiful bowls, pens, and other decorative items.
The wood is a medium tan with light to dark grain. The wood finishes well with a nice shine but still maintains the natural look.
Bethlehem olive wood, comes with a certificate of authenticity stating that it is from the city of Bethlehem and that the wood is from trees which has been bearing fruit since the time of the Romans. This wood comes from the pruning of young trees, the sprouts from the trunks of old trees, and now unproductive trees. 
Bethlehem Olive Wood Finish
Trim: Gun Metal & 24K Gold
$80.00 X

From the original deck of the Battleship, USS North Carolina. 
The decks of most older ships were made from teak due to their water resistance. The perfect gift for your sailor. 
Very limited availability!
White Teak, USS NC Finish
Trim: Chrome
Extras: N/A
$85.00 X
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