Most ballpoint pens use Cross or Parker refills that are available at most major office supply houses.
Lead refills for mechanical pencils are readily available as well.
All ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils, as well as matched sets come in a presentation case suitable for gift giving.

The Washington Series is our most versatile pen when it comes to choices. This is a slim pen similar to the Cross pens available in stores, but it can be made a little more robust to suit your taste. You can choose a twist or click mechanism as well.
It also has a lot of choices for trims and finishes as well as specialty pocket clips, including rifles, deer heads, fish, fishing poles, baseball bats, soccer balls footballs, golf clubs, tennis rackets, crosses, etc. You can also get center band with the years in them. 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. are available at this time. We can even put a stylus on the cap, and it's available in several colors as well!
The Washington also makes great matching  pen & pencil sets and they all can be made with the specialties listed above! There's no extra charge to make it to your specifications, only for the extras themselves.
Call or send an e-mail and tell us exactly what you want. We'll get right back to you with a price!
By the way, the Washington uses Cross refills available almost anywhere, and the mechanical pencils also use a standard lead refill.
This is a great pen at a very nice price!
Washington Pen/Pencil Sets

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Corian is the DuPont trade name for a material best known for use in kitchen and bath countertops.
Corian Grey Finish
Trim: Gold
Extras: Set Only
$50.00 X

Honduran rosewood (Dalbergia stevensonii) is found primarily in Belize in central America where it grows to 50-100 feet and as much as 3 feet in diameter.
The heartwood can range from deep brownish purple to a light brown. Most common is a brownish mauve color. The sapwood is pale yellow.Common uses are fine furniture, musical instruments, veneer, turned and other specialty wood objects like pens.
Honduran Rosewood Finish
Trim: Gold
Extras: Set Only
$55.00 X

Cocobola (Dalbergia retusa) is a Central American tree growing to 60 feet. Cocobola can be seen in a kaleidoscope of colors ranging from yellow, orange, red, and shades of brown with streaks of black or purple. Sapwood is typically a very pale yellow. Colors are lighter when freshly sanded and darken with age. Cocobola is highly prized and in limited supply, but is not on an endangered species list as yet.
Common uses are fine furniture, musical instruments, and turned products.
Cocobola is one of my non-burl favorites!
Cocobola Finish
Trim: Gold
Extras: Set Only
$65.00 X

Madrone (Arbutus menziesii) is a species of tree native to the western coastal areas of North America from British Columbia to California.
The burled wood has a medium soft, light brown color with just a hint of red.
It i s a beautiful finish for a pen and other turned products.
Burled Madrone Finish
Trim: Black Titanium
Extras: Set Only
$65.00 X

Thuya (Tetraclinis) is in the cypress family containing only one species. It is native to the northwestern Africa and also grows in Malta and southeast Spain. It is the official wood of Morocco and is used for religious carvings and carvings for the tourist industry.
Thuya is an absolutely beautiful medium to dark brown with incredible swirl patterns. It makes an elegant pen and is available in limited quantities.
Burled Thuya Finish
Trim: Black Titanium
Extras: Set Only
$65.00 X
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