Q.  Are the pens in the pictures in stock?
A.  Most are in stock, but not all. We like to leave the pictures so you'll get an idea of the finished product.
Q.  Will I get the pen in the picture?
A.  Possibly. We are constantly adding new pictures, but again, we do leave the photos on the site so you can see what the finishes look like.
Q.  What if I want a pen that isn't shown?
A.  Tell us what pen you want, what finish, and what trim, and we'll get a price back to you quickly. Remember, you can only choose the trims that are available for that particular pen. Not all trims are available on all pens.
Q.  How much more does it cost for a custom made pen?
A.  Absolutely nothing. We base our pricing on the pen, the finish, and the trim only. After all, we were going to make it anyway!
Q.  Do you do engraving?
A  We now have an engraver that does beautiful work. There are limitations on what can be engraved, size and length, etc. let us know and we can give you a price. Since we send these out for engraving, it does add 2-3 weeks to the shipment time (not always, but we want to give ourselves a little leeway).
Q.  Do you sell your pens in stores?
A.  Not yet. We have been asked by a retailer to open a shop in their facility, but declined.
     If you are interested in being a select dealer, as a jewelry store, craft store, or consignment shop, please drop us a line and we'll talk.



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